MWS Technology is the smarter way to work

Many employment and training programme providers use several technology systems to deliver their programmes and struggle to make them work well together.

MWS Technology solves this problem with Aptem. Based on our previous MyWorkSearch system and now significantly enhanced and upgraded, Aptem is a single, scalable, reliable and secure Software as a Service platform.

Specifically designed to improve quality and compliance Aptem also has the added bonus of significantly reducing costs and complexity.

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Aptem is ideal for employment and training programme providers in colleges, apprenticeships, welfare to work, housing associations and outplacement.

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  • After 12 weeks Aptem users are 56% more likely to remain in employment

  • Aptem users are 78% more likely to secure employment

  • “We see Aptem as a great solution for the modern college.”

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  • “Aptem is superb. It conveniently delivers the resources we need and it’s easy for trainees to use.”

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  • After 26 weeks Aptem users are 43% more likely to remain in employment

  • “I have just completed the training and I think it is fantastic. I have been in this industry for 15 years and I wish I’d had something like this before.”

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  • “MWS Technology provided Mouchel with the tools and information we needed to support those affected by organisational change.”

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  • After 4 weeks Aptem users are 61% more likely to remain in employment

  • “Aptem is a great value way for us to help more
    residents overcome the challenges of unemployment.”

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