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“Aptem is superb. It conveniently delivers the resources we need, it’s easy for trainees to use and it facilitates our scale of operations.

We’ve received excellent support from the company and our team are delighted with the working relationship.”


Matt Hamnett
Managing Director
Capita Talent Partnerships

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Aptem: Your All-in-One Apprenticeship Technology Solution

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Say ‘goodbye’ to complex, overwhelming apprenticeship management technology. Aptem is the single-solution platform that connects learners, employers and providers. It brings communication, tracking, paperwork, learning plans, integral ePortfolio functionality, coursework and more into one place, where all parties can align and focus on what matters most — creating a valuable, productive, streamlined apprenticeship experience.

This year marks significant changes and an incredible opportunity for apprenticeship programmes. The introduction of the levy will more than double the size of the sector to almost £3 billion per year.

Yes, these changes mean increased opportunity — but they also mean increased competition. Apprenticeship providers that thrive in this new era will be the ones that deliver the best-organised, best-managed, most productive apprenticeship experiences. These successful providers will capture a disproportionate share of the market and see their organisations grow and scale quickly.

Do you have the right technology in place to rise to the top of the competition?

Secure the Right Employers, Grow Your Market Share

In 2017 and beyond, employers will hold the power. Rather than providers receiving an allocation for programme delivery, many employers will manage their own funds and all get to choose who they work with. And those employers are going to search for providers who can help them get the most from their programmes.

Aptem is designed to help you become the apprenticeship provider that employers love. You can secure greater market share and the types of employers you want by offering and using Aptem features and tools like the following:

  • Employer Log-In: Aptem is the only apprenticeship delivery technology that features an employer log-in. Employers can gain access to the system to see how their apprentices are performing as a whole, or line managers can follow the progress of individual apprentices.
  • Candidate Retention: Good candidates are hard to find. After an employer selects its apprentices, Aptem retains remaining candidates in a talent pool. Then, as new opportunities arise, you have a bank of candidates that can be considered for these roles.
  • Reporting: Employers enjoy performance data at their fingertips. No longer must providers invest in administrators who extract information to create regular reports for employers. Automated and on-demand reporting creates operational efficiencies that deliver value to employers and reduced costs for apprenticeship providers.

The present and future are clear: Employers have greater choice over the providers they work with. Aptem’s features help you secure the right employers, deliver an unmatched apprenticeship experience and grow your organisation to capture greater market share.

With Aptem, you become the apprenticeship provider of choice.

In the video below, Richard Alberg (Chief Executive at MWS) explains the benefits of using the Aptem technology platform to deliver apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship Technology for Present and Future

Apprenticeship providers have been operating under Frameworks and using technology designed for Frameworks. As a provider, you must now decide when and how to transition to Standards — and you must choose technology that supports this transition and that helps you thrive under Standards.

Aptem is the single-solution technology that you need.

Aptem delivers apprenticeships under the existing Frameworks system. It can support the transition from Frameworks to Standards. And it can remain your single-solution technology when you fully embrace the new Standards era.

Everything is included in a web-based platform (plus mobile app): employer engagement, recruitment, candidate management, onboarding, paperwork management, learning plans, integral ePortfolio functionality, course delivery, reporting, communication and more.

Aptem makes everything easy.

Reduce Costs With a Tech-First Apprenticeship Experience

For many apprenticeship providers, a team of assessors or tutors must schedule meetings, travel to employers and sit down with learners. But sometimes learners aren’t available to meet. And sometimes they aren’t prepared for the meeting. And sometimes they are distracted by work responsibilities waiting once the meeting is finished.

This in-person approach to apprenticeship delivery is incredibly inefficient, not to mention expensive. It can often be a waste of a provider’s money and a waste of an assessor’s time.

Aptem relies on technology to create a more streamlined, more efficient and less expensive approach to delivery and assessment. The Aptem Blended Learning Plan vastly reduces the need for face to face delivery. Learners and tutors can connect in Aptem’s Collaboration Centre, which is available online as well as through Aptem’s mobile app. Meetings can take place when convenient. Webinars, course materials and paperwork can be accessed when necessary. And reminders, notifications and action items are pushed to learners so that deadlines are met and meetings are kept.

No longer do providers spend valuable time and money predominantly connecting with learners in person when online delivery is more appropriate. Aptem makes the apprenticeship experience more productive and less expensive.

What About Your Current Apprenticeship Tools?

The inevitable transition from Frameworks to Standards means that your existing systems and technologies are already out of date.

You may already have something in place, but does your current management system maximise your opportunity with this change?

You may consider change an unnecessary inconvenience, but have you considered the inconvenience of moving to Standards using technology designed for Frameworks?

You may see an upgrade as something you can’t afford, but have you forgotten the savings and cost-reducing efficiencies a single solution can offer?

Aptem’s design makes transitioning simple. And this single-solution system is already transforming the apprenticeship management experience for a number of providers. Get a jumpstart on Standards by joining them with this all-in-one solution.

Ready to Seize 2017’s Apprenticeship Opportunities?

Your organisation can embrace the changes to the apprenticeship system and grow — if you have the right technology.

Aptem helps you secure more employers. It helps you recruit the best learners. And it helps you create and execute a learning journey efficiently and effectively — which means more productivity for employers, better experiences for learners and reduced costs for you as the provider.

When you choose Aptem as the only apprenticeship management technology you need, you unlock possibilities and seize opportunities available in 2017 and beyond. But don’t just take our word for it.

Request a demo and see Aptem in action and discover how it can transform your programmes.

Call for your demo today: 020 7870 1000 or complete the form.

Watch the video below to see how Capita Talent Partnerships enhance the delivery of their training programmes using Aptem.