With Aptem you are always ready for Ofsted inspection

Just about every provider is now subject to Ofsted. When the inspectors knock on your door they will be making judgements on:

  • overall effectiveness
  • effectiveness of leadership and management
  • quality of teaching, learning and assessment
  • personal development, behaviour and welfare
  • outcomes for learners.

Aptem provides all the evidence that Ofsted want to see

As it is an end-to-end platform, Aptem will:

  • show how you have planned your provision and systemised quality;
  • demonstrate how you look at individual learner progress and personalise programmes accordingly;
  • reveal how you are able to identify problems in your delivery and then take actions to improve;
  • evidence learner satisfaction with its ‘Uber-style’ polls;
  • establish employer collaboration with its integrated employer portal.

With Aptem, all your data is in one place. This means that you have have instant access to the information that lets you guarantee and demonstrate outstanding delivery.