Conquer the onboarding challenge

Apprenticeship delivery comes with a strong compliance burden. From expressions of interest and onboarding onwards, many forms have to be completed and signed by employer, apprentice and provider – checked and then kept up to date.

Getting this information means a lengthy onboarding process and often multiple employer visits. Even minor errors can be expensive to fix and lead to clawback.

Aptem is uniquely able to reduce this workload and the time it takes. If you use separate software applications for MIS, learning delivery, recruitment, ePortfolio, etc. then each one has part of the information needed for onboarding paperwork and subsequent compliance reporting. Bringing this information to one place is, at best, an annoyingly time consuming process.

If you use document creation or compliance software then you will have to double-key data for your actual delivery.

The Aptem solution

As an end-to-end platform Aptem automatically captures most of the information required for onboarding paperwork, meaning that you don’t need to enter it again. You simply select the templates you wish to use for each programme you deliver and can also provide default information to prepopulate questions. All forms are then generated by Aptem with employer, learner and provider digitally signing and the system maintaining a full audit trail. This paperless process is convenient for the employer and the apprentice and at the same time significantly reduces your costs and risks. So with Aptem everyone wins.