The solutions that your team needs

End-to-end functionality

Aptem is unique because it is an end-to-end platform. It provides you with all the functionality you need to deliver your entire programme within a single system. Aptem brings everything together in one place. It removes the need to double-key data and eliminates the reporting errors and reconciliation processes that often happen when providers have to make separate systems work together.

You save money, improve quality, ensure compliance and for the first time have real-time data on how well your business is performing. If you have ambitions to grow your business an end-to-end platform sets you up for success.

Employer engagement CRM

The integrated employer CRM enables you to manage your sales processes with employers, capture opportunities and pipeline report. Since CRM is part of the Aptem platform, your salespeople and account managers can see how your delivery is progressing, ensuring that they can have sensible conversations with your customers. The data in employer CRM can feed into recruitment, onboarding and compliance, eliminating double-keying of data.

Recruitment and candidate management

Having secured new employer opportunities, Aptem enables you to upload vacancies and receive and manage applications (including Expressions of Interest, where relevant). Successful applicants seamlessly pass into the Aptem paperless onboarding process. Unsuccessful applicants can form part of your talent pool for opportunities with other employers. Integrated recruitment saves you time, removes double-keying of data and puts you in control of your talent pipeline.

Paperless Onboarding with eSignatures

As you look to commence apprenticeships, numerous forms must be completed, and these can vary according to whether the apprentice is a new or existing employee. Starting with Expressions of Interest (where relevant), forms such as apprentice contract, commitment statement, written agreement, induction record, health and safety, skills scan, ILR, ILP etc. all become electronic, including digital eSignature. Paperless onboarding has huge time and cost savings. Employers and apprentices dislike the typical apprenticeship onboarding process and being able to offer a paperless and streamlined process provides you with a major competitive edge.

Blended Learning Plans including mapping to Frameworks and Standards

Your learning plan is mapped to the relevant units/aims (for Frameworks) or Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours (for Standards). You decide how each component will be delivered. Choose face to face, classroom, eLearning or webinar. The format and blend is up to you. Aptem manages this journey for each apprentice, making sure that all elements of the learning plan are covered and progress captured. This increases learning efficiency, reduces your delivery costs, minimises travel and helps ensure apprenticeships are completed on time.

Course creation and eLearning delivery

Increasing the volume of eLearning you offer makes sense. Apprentices find this convenient and it reduces your delivery costs. Aptem eLearning enables you to create blended learning courses that can be accessed on computer, tablet and mobile phone. Providers can create truly personalised learning journeys with different types of content, such as videos, reading materials or audio, and learners can choose which format they wish to access.

Virtual classrooms / webinars

With integrated webinar technology, you can create virtual classrooms as part of the apprentice’s learning plan. These are convenient, low cost ways to deliver training and interact with apprentices irrespective of location. Participation is registered and the webinar recorded, saved and tagged to the learner record.

ePortfolio evidence gathering integrated into learning delivery interface

Especially with Standards, apprenticeships have an increasing volume of learning delivery. Aptem combines learning delivery with ePortfolio, significantly simplifying evidence collection. At any stage, evidence can be viewed as part of the learning plan. Integrating learning delivery and evidence collection saves tutor time and helps you maintain quality whilst containing costs.

Evidence collated into a presentation format for end point assessment

End point assessment for many Standards includes a portfolio created by the apprentice. Aptem simplifies both collection and presentation. Exercises can be created that obtain the required apprentice input. The accumulated apprentice submissions can then be accessed online by the end point assessor or output by Aptem into an electronic folder that can be sent to the assessor. This feature helps you track quality and progress, enabling you to be confident that apprentices have met the requirements of the end point assessor and will pass first time.


An apprenticeship relies on getting things done over an extended period. It is all too easy for emails and texts to be missed, lost or forgotten. Aptem’s Collaboration Centre ensures that messaging is immediate and readily accessible either from within Aptem or our mobile app. Using the latest advances in collaboration technology, Aptem communications help you ensure that apprentice and tutor make efficient progress throughout the programme, maintaining quality whilst preserving profitability.

Mobile app

The Aptem mobile app works on Android, iOS and Windows mobile. It puts Collaboration Centre in the pocket of every apprentice and ensures that messages and activity reminders are swiftly received and enables apprentices and their tutors to easily communicate with each other. Our mobile app increases your delivery efficiency and reduces the risks of late completions.

Learner progression tracking

Your learning plan in Aptem shows what has been achieved and what needs to be achieved. You can view progress on an individual basis or by a range of characteristics, such as cohort, employer, location, sector and tutor. Effective progress reporting enables you to manage performance, ensuring both quality and profitability. It also ensures you are ready for Ofsted and can demonstrate the impact of your provision and that your apprentices are making substantial and sustained progress from their starting points.

Reporting tools

As an end-to-end platform, Aptem captures an extremely wide range of data. Having all your data in one database means that you avoid having to reconcile the output of separate systems and deal with differences. Reporting is real-time and you can create, save and generate reports whenever needed. You select the data you want to see and can also decide who to share it with. You can view and analyse information on-screen as well as output to Excel. This unprecedented level of access to the entirety of your apprenticeship data means you can be confident that programmes are proceeding properly, staff are delivering as required and quality and compliance are maintained. You can swiftly spot problems and instantly intervene.

Batch file upload to ESFA hub

All your ILR data for your funding claim is captured within Aptem. At a click of the mouse you can generate a batch report that can either be uploaded to the ESFA Hub or imported into any other funding management software. Using Aptem to generate your funding claims saves costs and reduces the risk of errors.