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Employer and referral partner CRM

The integrated employer CRM enables you to manage your sales processes with employers, capture opportunities and match to customers. The referral partner functionality enables you to track customer referrals from local partners (such as charities, Jobcentre Plus, etc.). Having CRM as part of a single end to end platform brings numerous benefits. You can view the effectiveness of your own team in how they work with employers and partners. You can also far more readily track and report on successes. You can see which referral partners are most helpful and let them know how the customers they have referred have progressed. You can also see which employers you most frequently interact with and which ones most frequently lead to sustained employment.

Onboarding and funder paperwork

Aptem enables you to readily configure workflows and compliance rules for specific contracts. This includes your onboarding process and paperwork. MWS ensures that we configure the platform ‘out of the box’ with paperwork required by some of the larger national programmes. However, creating new forms and onboarding questionnaires are simple processes that can be quickly done. Aptem supports digital signatures and paper documents can be scanned and imported. Milestones and outcomes can be configured and captured and then reported on. Contract specific onboarding and compliance saves you significant administrative costs whilst also reducing the risks of having to undertake corrective actions or being subject to clawbacks.


Funded programmes almost always have a high compliance obligation. You have committed to do various things and your funder will want evidence to demonstrate that you are compliant. Especially with larger programmes involving many staff and multiple offices, creating systems to ensure your team follow set processes and obtain necessary paperwork and evidence is challenging. Aptem significantly reduces the burden through its Programme Manager functionality. With Programme Manager you configure the workflows, targets and compliance processes for each contract and Aptem then helps ensure you remain compliant. This saves staff time and costs whilst minimising commercial risk.


Some employers will ask you to manage the recruitment process on their behalf. Aptem has two-way vacancy matching. You can both match customers to opportunities and opportunities to customers. You can shortlist, track individual progress and generate useful reports. Having integrated recruitment functionality means there is one less system to manage and pay for and provides your team with seamless workflows.

Case management

Aptem has comprehensive case management functionality. You can add customers to the system and track your activities, the customer’s activities and achieved milestones and outcomes. Aptem supports complex permissions and roles and a group structure that is configured to reflect your setup and that of your supply chain and can include multiple support roles per customer. Aptem case management can range from light touch to intensive support. Using Aptem you benefit from a modern system created to deliver great performance irrespective of customer numbers and levels of activity. You get the flexibility you need to implement different contracts throughout your business, confident that Aptem will meet your changing requirements.

Activity management including SMART action plans

Welfare to work programmes require you to mobilise a case-load of customers to be active and effective jobseekers. This typically involves the creation of SMART action plans and then monitoring how they are being followed. Aptem has a broad range of task creation and activity tracking tools, including a SMART action plan wizard. These resources are available to both advisor and customer. Each Aptem tool is designed to help you achieve employment goals and meet contract requirements. Performing these activities on Aptem means that you can generate reports and demonstrate compliance easily and without double-keying data.

Self-service job search

It can be challenging enough getting a customer to engage with the job search process. Having achieved this milestone it is a shame when the frustrations of the job market result in the customer becoming upset and demoralised and giving up. Aptem provides a high quality customer portal that steps a person through the processes that are more likely to result in success. It helps a customer (or the advisor) create a high quality CV and decide what jobs should be searched for. Aptem then daily scans just about every advertised job in the UK and provides the customer with a daily selection of relevant vacancies. This computer guided process allows your advisors to focus on providing motivation and practical support and allows many of your customers to self-service job-search effectively. You save delivery costs whilst achieving increased job outcomes.

Vacancy aggregation

Every day jobs are advertised on hundreds of job boards and thousands of employer sites. Customers are unlikely to use more than a handful of sites, which means that they miss numerous opportunities that are advertised in places they did not look. Meanwhile, the volume of jobs posted to multiple sites increases the frustration of the job search process. Aptem retrieves just about every job advertised in the UK, removes most of the duplicates and then makes them searchable. On a typical day there are substantially over 1 million vacancies in Aptem that are less than 30 days old. Customers can search for multiple jobs in multiple locations as a single search. You can add vacancies that you have sourced to Aptem and these are also matched to your customers (they are not matched to other Aptem users unless you specifically indicate that this should happen). Your customers and your advisors can search for jobs and your advisors can suggest matching jobs to your customers. Aptem aggregated vacancies makes it easier for your advisors and your customers to immediately find jobs that they have a good chance of securing and in this way you increase your job outcomes.

Assessment and CV building

Many jobseekers are unaware of their skills, capabilities or the jobs they should be looking for. Aptem has in-house assessment creation expertise and has developed a range of assessments, from transferable skills to career interests to numerical and verbal skills to personality and customer focus. These assessments are integrated with the other Aptem resources so, for example, transferable skills outputs feed into the CV builder and career interests results feed into the job finder. Aptem also contains a sophisticated CV Builder (traditional and online) that allows for the creation of different types of CV and is tightly integrated with the relevant eLearning. These resources maximise job readiness and job search effectiveness and result in increased customer confidence and job outcomes.

Effective job search nudging

Aptem’s Nudge Engine® sends automated suggestions to jobseekers and advisors based on how the individual is using the platform. These nudges are designed to encourage the actions that lead to successful outcomes and in this way increase the proportion of your customers who secure employment. The Nudge Engine can also be used for post-employment support.

eLearning, learning management, course creation and ePortfolio (including qualifications)

Aptem provides you with a broad range of employability eLearning resources. They are created using simple language and the offered guidance is designed for clarity and ease of implementation. Your customers can dip into this eLearning whenever it suits them. Customers who are committed to their job search will find the provided guidance useful and engaging and it will help them avoid the mistakes that result in rejection and demoralisation. In addition, you can create structured courses using both our content and your own. This functionality can be used for funded qualifications. Aptem eLearning enables you to ensure your customers have access to high quality, relevant and helpful employability materials that increases their chances of securing employment.

Work placements and timesheets

Some employment programmes include work placements. Where this is the case you can use Aptem to set up the placement, collect relevant compliance paperwork, such as safeguarding, and then schedule the placement. Aptem can generate timesheets so you can evidence participation. This functionality significantly reduces the administrative burden and costs of managing work placements.


Aptem collects a huge amount of data on your advisor and customer activities. Having all your data in one database means that you avoid having to reconcile the output of separate systems and deal with differences. Reporting is real-time using the live database and authorised members of your team can generate reports whenever needed. You select the data you want to see and can view and analyse it on-screen as well as output to Excel. This unprecedented level of access to delivery data means you can be confident that programmes are proceeding properly, staff are delivering as required and quality and compliance are maintained. You can swiftly spot problems and instantly intervene.