The easier way to manage your Study Programmes

Employer engagement CRM

Aptem’s useful integrated employer CRM lets you smoothly manage your activities with employers. You can easily record communications with them and capture work placement opportunities. Also, all required paperwork, like health and safety forms, can be completed and stored conveniently. Aptem is helpful too when you need to match placements to students and students to placements. The platform deals with your work placements efficiently and effectively, freeing you to quickly and easily prepare the necessary reports for both the college and Ofsted.

Employability eLearning

Aptem provides you with a broad range of employability eLearning resources. We have created numerous modules with recommended Study Programme learning journeys for students at different levels. This content is integrated with other Aptem tools, such as our assessments and CV builder. You can upload and use your own eLearning, create brand new courses and customise the ones we have provided. Aptem eLearning enables you to ensure your students have access to high quality, relevant and helpful employability materials and that you can evidence use by each and every student.

Evidenced work placement management

Most Study Programmes include work placements. The Aptem integrated employer CRM helps you capture placement opportunities and complete required compliance processes and paperwork. Aptem also enables you to match students to relevant placements and placements to students. You can have students apply for placements as a realistic job application or you can allocate students to placements. Once allocated, Aptem timesheets allow you or the employer to verify participation. The ability from a single technology platform to source, schedule, manage, evidence and report on thousands of placements is a transformative resource. It will save your college considerable time costs whilst ensuring you deliver and evidence high quality placements across your student body.

Collaboration Centre with mobile app

Your employability Study Programme can require that students undertake numerous activities and informing, reminding and chasing them can be an arduous, time-consuming burden for your team. Aptem Collaboration Centre® combined with our Nudge Engine® reminds students of what needs doing and when. Messages use a familiar Facebook type interface and also arrive on Aptem’s Android, iOS and Windows Mobile app. These Aptem features help you overcome the combined challenges of students forgetting what they are meant to do and also not looking at their emails.

Always Ofsted ready

Aptem is truly valuable as you prepare for Ofsted inspection. The platform tracks all elements of your delivery which means that you can quickly and easily generate reports for continuous improvement and demonstrate that you are doing so. Aptem will also flag up where there are quality failings so you can quickly deal with them.

ePortfolio evidence gathering integrated into learning delivery interface

Your employability Study Programmes can include a range of exercises from activities to self-reflection to assessments to CV building and mini-tests. To make completion easier, these exercises typically take place seamlessly within the eLearning delivery interface. Student responses are automatically captured by Aptem within its ePortfolio and are both useful resources for your students and also evidence for the college of employability delivery. This integrated evidence collection enables your college to demonstrate high quality provision for each and every student whilst also saving considerable numbers of staff hours and cost.

Realistic job application process

Aptem has an integrated recruitment management system. You can choose to post placement opportunities on Aptem’s job board. Student’s can search for placements and then apply using an application form or CV. You can screen applications and manage them through a process, including assessments and interviews, resulting in appointment to a placement.  This then feeds into Aptem’s placement tracking functionality. Offering realistic job applications helps you hit the gold standard of work placements and the reporting Aptem gives you ensures you can evidence this.

Evidenced work related projects

Some colleges have work related projects either instead of or alongside work placements. Aptem lets you set up projects for students and then track participation and student achievements. You can have real time reports on progress, or lack of progress, whenever you want them. Managing your work related projects from within Aptem saves you considerable time and money. It also makes the process a lot more positive than using the old style spreadsheets that were used in the past.

Reporting tools

As an end to end employability Study Programmes platform, Aptem captures an extremely wide range of data. Having all your data in one database means that you avoid having to reconcile the output of separate systems and deal with differences. Reporting is real-time using the live database and your team can generate reports whenever needed. You select the data you want to see and can view and analyse it on-screen as well as output to Excel. This unprecedented level of access to delivery data means you can be confident that programmes are proceeding properly, staff are delivering as required and quality and compliance are maintained. You can swiftly spot problems and instantly intervene.