End-to-end system

All the employability tools you need + self-service option

Transforms outcomes

Proven track record of jobseeker success

Unrivalled flexibility

Highly configurable to your contract needs

The ideal technology-based platform for employability and welfare to work providers

Aptem, formerly known as MyWorkSearch, is a technology platform with a proven track record with employability and welfare to work providers. The platform has three main ways it can be used:

  1. case management
  2. customer (jobseeker) portal
  3. case management plus customer portal

Existing case management connection
The Aptem customer portal can also be connected to many third party case management systems. If you want to continue with your existing case management platform it is likely that we can integrate the Aptem self-service customer portal so the two seamlessly function together.

The single system with all the tools plus the power to transform outcomes

Aptem’s wide range of functions sets it apart from other available systems

Where most available software just records and reports, Aptem has proved it can transform employment outcomes. In a recent study of 70,170 jobseekers, Aptem users (compared to jobseekers who did not use Aptem) were 78% overall more likely to get a job and 43% more likely to stay in employment after 26 weeks. Click here to read the full report.

All the tools your advisors and your customers need
Aptem gives your advisors and operations managers all the tools they need to manage and efficiently deliver contracts.

Performance Manager is a really useful function that lets you set out the advisor and customer activities that must take place during contract delivery. Activities can be chosen both for contractual compliance and to achieve outcomes and job sustainment. Performance Manager tracks compliance and tells you when there are issues that need your attention.

Aptem also provides you with a portal that helps make self-service realistic for many of your customers. Those who fail to secure work often either do not job search actively or they do it in a disorganised way. Aptem helps them get organised and job search effectively, gives them with a wide range of relevant local job opportunities and monitors their activity levels. Following this path, our users get jobs.

Aptem is a highly configurable system. Its unrivalled flexibility lets you customise it to help you meet the needs of your different contracts.

Provider portal resources:

  • Contract delivery workflow configuration
  • Minimum job search hours / number of applications
  • Onboarding and funder paperwork
  • Employer CRM with vacancy matching
  • Referral partner CRM with tracking
  • Case management
  • Advisor daily matched vacancy feed
  • Remote supported job search
  • Work placements and timesheets
  • Supply chain monitoring
  • Outcome and progression tracking
  • Comprehensive reporting

Customer portal resources:

  • Assessment
  • CV building
  • Job application form library
  • Activity management including SMART action plans
  • Personalised vacancy feed
  • Self-service job search
  • Effective job search nudging
  • Employability eLearning
  • Employability progress tracking
  • ePortfolio
  • Universal Jobmatch integration
  • Applications tracking and reporting

Employer and referral partner CRM

Manage your sales processes with employers, capture opportunities and match to customers. The referral partner function also lets you track customer referrals from local partners.


You configure the workflows, targets and compliance processes for each contract and Aptem then helps ensure you remain compliant.

Onboarding and funder paperwork

Save time and costs with our ready-made digital forms and questionnaires or quickly and simply set up your own within the system.


Daily feed of over 1 million vacancies sourced from thousands of job boards and employer sites – matched to each and every customer.

Employability eLearning

Design and deliver programmes using your content as well as Aptem’s included high quality eLearning.

Multiple assessments included

Select from a range including transferable skills and career interests – and these then match to available vacancies.

Integrated CV builder

Easy CV building for advisors and customers.

Aptem’s Nudge Engine®

Aptem’s Nudge Engine sends automated suggestions to jobseekers and advisors which help achieve more successful outcomes.

Reporting tools

Real time data in one single database, with instant report generation helps you spot problems and fix them quickly.

Work placements and timesheet

Use Aptem to set up the placement, collect compliance paperwork and then schedule the placement. Aptem also generates timesheets so you can evidence participation.