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Our friendly and experienced implementation team support you with a proven six stage process so you can efficiently and effectively get Aptem working for you.

1. Scope and document

We meet with you and together we make sure we understand how your Study Programmes operate across your college. We discuss how Aptem will be used across departments, the courses you plan to deliver and the key personnel who will be involved the process. We also take a look at any other systems with which Aptem should exchange data. We then document this analysis and together we create a roll out plan that you and your team are comfortable with. Once this is signed off we move on to the Configure stage.

2. Configure

We configure Aptem with your groups, permissions and default courses. We apply your branding and create accounts for your staff. We work with your IT team on any integrations that are needed. We also test functionality on your systems and help fix issues if there are any.

3. Train

Once your new platform is configured, we make sure that your tutors are properly trained so they can make good use of all the Aptem functions they need. Usually, there are a small group of ‘Super Users’ who learn the entire system, including setting up groups and configuring courses, and a wider group of standard users who learn what they need for day-to-day usage. Where possible we use a train the trainer model. Training can be provided face-to-face or using screenshare technology.

4. Go live

When everything is ready we receive a data file of students to be enrolled and import them into Aptem. All the while, your implementation consultant and the MWS support team are on hand to assist with questions and resolve any problems.

5. Review

We have a review meeting together one or two months after your go-live date. We look at what is working well and where improvements are needed. With your growing knowledge of Aptem, we have a more informed discussion on how to get the most from the platform. We support you with any changes and help plan and put in place any updates.

6. Ongoing support

Before long, your team have become self-sufficient and you are confidently using Aptem for your Study Programmes. Our support team remain on hand to guide and assist. Unlimited support calls are available at no extra charge and you can join our regular, free, webinars for colleges. Your account manager will be in regular contact and will schedule review meetings to make sure that Aptem is helping you achieve your goals.

The six-stage process

Scope and document



Go live


Ongoing support