With Aptem you are always ready for Ofsted inspection

When Ofsted come to inspect they will be looking at the breadth of quality in your study programmes provision and employability is an important component. They will want to see rigorous systems in place and to inspect:

  • how you provide work experience to all learners;
  • the ways in which each and every learner develops employability skills;
  • progression into employment / apprenticeships;
  • whether learners undertake high quality non-qualification activities and work experience that are relevant to their study programmes and with high attendance rates;
  • the extent to which learners make substantial and sustained progress from their starting points.

Aptem gives you the employability evidence that Ofsted want to see

Aptem’s breadth of functionality and recording means that across your provision you can demonstrate:

  • the quality of employability teaching that each student benefits from;
  • that you have obtained relevant and safe placements for every student;
  • the monitoring of student participation in work placements and appropriate interventions;
  • student placement satisfaction with ‘Uber-style’ polls;
  • the extent to which each student has achieved positive employability progression;
  • how you monitor each student’s development and provide appropriate individualised support.

With Aptem’s unmatched range of employability and work placement resources, you can be confident that you have outstanding delivery in this area of your study programmes and that you can evidence it.