Improved employability

Bespoke courses with provided content, consistent quality and automatic reports

Cost savings

Maximises efficiency, reduces administration and saves resources

Work placements

Simplified scheduling, automated paperwork and comprehensive reporting

Technology-based delivery of employability programmes

Aptem is the technology platform that can simplify and make more effective a wide range of college programmes. On this page we focus on the employability elements of Study Programmes (other parts of our website cover apprenticeships and employment programmes).

On Study Programmes you need to deliver and evidence employability guidance, skills assessment, CV creation, work related activities and / or work placements. Every student should receive a relevant, personalised programme and you need to be able to evidence the quality of your delivery.

Work placements create particular challenges. You may have thousands of placements to arrange each year and this means checking every employer, ensuring proper safeguarding and then scheduling and verifying each placement.

You may also need to go through an Ofsted inspection.  Together these many requirements can mean lots of juggling but Aptem has been specifically designed to help you with all of them.

Content, workflows and reporting one simple system

Aptem has the content, workflows and reporting that support you in delivering each element of employability in your Study Programmes.

With Aptem you can:

  • manage your employer relationships, capturing placement opportunities;
  • always be Ofsted ready;
  • make sure that health and safety compliance paperwork has been completed;
  • design and deliver employability eLearning programmes using your content as well as the high quality employability eLearning included with Aptem;
  • use the many included assessments, including transferable skills assessment and career interests;
  • have students use the integrated CV builder to create and export their CV;
  • allocate work placements from the integrated employer CRM and track attendance using Aptem’s own timesheets;
  • use Aptem’s mobile app to communicate tasks to students and give everyone easy access;
  • easily generate all the reports you need.

Manage employer relationships

Manage communications and capture placement opportunities


Aptem ensures health and safety paperwork is done

Employability eLearning

Design and deliver programmes using your content as well as Aptem’s included high quality eLearning

Multiple assessments included

Select from a range including transferable skills and career interests

Integrated CV builder

Students create and export their own CVs

Integrated employer CRM

Aptem can allocate work placements and track attendance with its time-sheet functionality

Mobile app

For easy communication and platform access

Always Ofsted ready

Generates all the reports you need and highlights any failings

Easy report generation

Straightforward to use across all areas