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MWS Technology (formerly known as MyWorkSearch) has been offering employability and vocational training technology solutions since 2009.

With decades of experience in training, apprenticeships and outplacement between us, our team works in close collaboration with our clients. Our primary focus is always on their needs, helping them to cut down their administration workload and reduce their costs with our technology first delivery platform.

James Taylor, Commercial Director, HTFT Partnership

“We chose to work with Aptem, after looking at several alternatives, as the entire learning journey (from sign up through to EPA) is embedded into the platform.

This saved us money as we could consolidate a number of existing systems in one.

Additionally, the investment required demonstrated exceptional value for money and the level of customer service is refreshingly ‘on it’”.

Clive Green, Managing Director, Active Learning & Development

As a new provider of Apprenticeships, we took some time to choose which technology platform would best suit us now and in the future.

Aptem was chosen because of its comprehensive design & functionality relating to Apprenticeship delivery.

Implementation was fast, and the training we received was excellent. We also have ongoing support from Aptem which is responsive and helpful.

Our team are feeling confident and positive about growing our Apprenticeship delivery with Aptem going forward.”

Tony Thornell, Commercial Director, Alan Smith & Associates Limited

We provide MyWorkSearch to all of our individual outplacement clients as we have found that the extensive online resources that it offers complement the support that our career coaches provide. Feedback from these clients would suggest that they find the company research information and the job vacancy database that the site offers extremely helpful in supporting their career transition. Additionally, our clients have found the site to be very easy to use and the resources of high quality.

As a corporate client we see MyWorkSearch as good value for money and an invaluable tool to provide additional help to our clients. We also enjoy an excellent working relationship with our Account Manager who is very responsive to our requirements and would highly recommend MyWorkSearch.


Tony Carr, Development Director, Catch 22

“Catch 22 have had an effective partnership with MWS Technology to support the delivery of our Vision and Mission. The implementation and development team have worked tirelessly to realise our ambitions in the employability sector over the last 2 years and we look forward to our relationship with MWS strengthening over the coming years.”


Abigail Greenley, Apollo Outplacement

The MWS team’s helpful customer support, combined with the ease of setting up passwords and the ability to purchase any number of licences, makes this an ideal online outplacement solution.


David Snow, Head of Learning & Innovation, System Group

As a large national training provider, we consider technology to be a key competitive differentiator. We therefore put considerable effort into our review of possible technology systems, the conclusion of which was our decision to select Aptem. The helpful MWS implementation team have been a pleasure to work with and made the transition to Aptem painless and efficient.”


James Clements Smith, Managing Director, Prevista

“Prevista deliver quality vocational and employability provision to young people and adults and we have successfully, extensively used Aptem for over five years. Aptem is a transformational platform which de-risks compliance and Ofsted, puts providers, learners and employers in the driving seat – it is a true end to end solution rather than one based on ‘’legacy’’ platforms and is ahead of the curve. Put simply, Aptem is the best technology platform in the sector. Aptem is a key component of our Apprenticeship growth plans. The MWS implementation team is exceptionally helpful and take the pain out of new programme roll-outs.”

Dave Warnes, Executive Director of Business & Commercial Operations, London South East Colleges

“We selected Aptem after an in-depth market review and see it as a great solution for the modern college. Its clever technology allows us to better manage business development throughout the organisation so our pursuit of apprenticeships, traineeships and study programme work placements is coordinated.

Aptem also manages essential workflows such as recruitment, talent pooling and work placements. We use the employability content and tracking to help us deliver the Bromley Advantage employability study programme.

We have worked closely with the Aptem development team to customise the platform to our specific needs and are pleased to have contributed to the creation of the Aptem apprenticeship tools.”

Val Ruddle, Service Development Coordinator, Libraries and Learning, Worcester County Council

“Worcestershire County Council Libraries and Learning Service offer Aptem (MyWorkSearch) FREE to all our customers as it is the UK’s most powerful online jobseeker’s toolkit, easy to use and supported by a friendly team, who are a delight to work with.”


Lisa Hurle, Head of Compliance, Corndel

“Over 20 years I have used every technology system in the sector. Aptem is the complete package. End-to-end functionality and the easiest to use.”

Les Davidson, Greater Lincolnshire MOVE Project Administrator, Voluntary Centre Services

“Support from the MWS team has been exceptional during the MOVE Project. Considering that we are newcomers to the Aptem system, they have been patience personified, responding to our requests and questions, however basic or amateur they might be, with promptness and professionalism, and are always ready to help us gain a greater understanding, and improve our knowledge of this very good system.”


Peter Brooks, Founder, BlackRock Training

“Having worked over 15 years in the skills and employability sector, including leading some of the largest providers, I have seen numerous technology systems. My colleagues and I selected Aptem for BlackRock Training because its end-to-end design, comprehensive functionality and superb support, in our view, currently make it the leading system on the market.”


Sue Diamond, Quality Manager, The Manchester College

As one of the biggest colleges in the country we need to deliver very large numbers of study programmes and ensure that every student has a relevant and useful learning journey. We selected Aptem as a scalable, well designed way for us to ensure every student has access to a high-quality employability study programme and premium job search resources.”

Wendy Barnes, Vice Principal Student Support and Campus Director, South Essex College

Work placements are central to the high quality study programmes that we provide to our students. We chose Aptem as it is the best system on the market for us to secure the many placements we need and then manage the allocation and tracking of student work experience to support our employability programme. Once students complete their courses they also have access to Aptem for its comprehensive job search tools and guidance.”

Paul Ray, Project Manager, City College Brighton and Hove (part of Brighton Metropolitan College)

There are some fantastic features and it is now an essential part of our solution to help the unemployed. We get great feedback from our customers and the support from the MWS Technology team has been simply superb.”

David Hitchen, Programme Manager (Traineeships), Capita

Aptem supported us to develop an e-signup process by which we take the paper out of the whole sign up process. Other such issues working nationally are things like providing delivery materials so things as simple as work books and course books to be used during training we now deliver online via Aptem rather than in the old-style paper workbooks.”

John McGlynn, Community Development Officer, New Charter Group (Housing Association)

“Using Aptem has been a really good experience for us as an organisation and also for our customers. “

Adam Bain, Head of Programmes, Ixion

“I have just completed the training and I think it is fantastic. I have been in this industry for 15 years and I wish I’d had something like this before.”

Matt Hamnett, Managing Director, Capita Talent Partnerships

“Aptem is superb. It conveniently delivers the resources we need, it’s easy for trainees to use and it facilitates our scale of operations.

We’ve received excellent support from the company and our team are delighted with the working relationship.”
Mark Townsend, Case Manager, Ixion

“One lady came in...we got her set up on Aptem. She made a couple of applications on the Tuesday, got an interview on the Wednesday, started her induction on the Thursday and started work on the Monday.”

Shaz Quereshi, Aptem user

“Aptem is a great product.”

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