• After 4 weeks Aptem users are 61% more likely to remain in employment

  • After 12 weeks Aptem users are 56% more likely to remain in employment

  • After 26 weeks Aptem users are 43% more likely to remain in employment

  • Aptem users are 78% more likely to secure employment

Client’s viewpoint

“I have just completed the training and I think it is fantastic. I have been in this industry for 15 years and I wish I’d had something like this before.”

Adam Bain
Head of Programmes

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Case management and job search for welfare to work providers

Formerly known as MyWorkSearch, Aptem is the market-leading online service that helps transform employment programmes. It is a single platform that delivers everything a provider requires: employer contact management, case management, performance and contract management, skills, job search resources, tracking and reporting. It eliminates the need to purchase different systems for the various elements of your programmes, whilst ensuring all your data is in one convenient place. Proven in numerous contracts in the UK and Australia, Aptem saves providers time and money whilst improving outcomes.

Based on a study of 70,170 jobseekers, Aptem users (compared to jobseekers who did not use Aptem) were 78% overall more likely to secure employment and 43% more likely to remain in employment after 26 weeks. Click here to see the report.


How does Aptem help?

It equips advisors with the tools they need to manage and deliver contracts. Advisors and operations managers can use Aptem’s contact management, case management, vacancies, time sheets, learning delivery, activity planning and reporting to efficiently deliver the full range of DWP, ESF, LEP and local authority contracts.

Meanwhile, Aptem also has comprehensive jobseeker resources, making self-service realistic for many customers. Those who fail to secure work often either don’t job search actively or they do so in a haphazard fashion. Aptem helps them follow an organised and effective job search process, provides them with a wide range of relevant local job opportunities and monitors their activity levels. In this way our users get jobs.

The Aptem Workflow Performance Manager allows you to specify the advisor and customer activities that must take place when delivering a contract. These can be both for contractual compliance and to achieve outcomes and job sustainment. Performance Manager tracks compliance and notifies you when there are issues that need to be addressed.

Watch the video below to see Mark Townsend of Ixion Holdings describe how he uses Aptem to help customers obtain employment.

Motivated jobseekers simply use the available resources to help themselves. Meanwhile the Aptem activity dashboard provides your advisors with the data to performance manage the less motivated through an effective job search.

Aptem is a highly configurable system that you can be customised to meet the needs of your different contracts. According to your needs you can enable:

  • Delivery of funded employability qualifications.
  • Work placements including electronic time-sheets.
  • Minimum job search hours / number of applications.
  • Real time live chat for remote supported job search.
  • Uploading vacancies exclusive to your customers.
  • Supply chain monitoring.

Aptem has been security approved for use across government employment programmes.

Watch an Aptem walk-through video.

Proven results

The multi-award winning Aptem system is proven to work and is already being used to help jobseekers in housing associations, colleges, vocational training providers and other organisations throughout the UK.

Call 020 7870 1000 or book a demonstration so you can see how Aptem can help you.